TXT to DXF converter -  converts geodetic plan data saved as .txt file ( there can be 15 data in one line, from which 2D point coordinates are mandatory (X(N) and Y(N))) to a version 12 DXF format file, in which every point is described as a block with atributes. 

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Main properties of Txt to Dxf converter:

  • converts text files containing the list of points (which may be survey data) to DXF (version 12) files.
  • has the tools to configure the conversion process.
  • runs on Windows XP ir Windows 7, 8, 10 operating systems;
  • freeware.

Program screenshots:

big global

Fig. 1. Main window


big screen00

Fig. 2. Text file preview window with a data column name and position change dialogue


big screen01

Fig. 3. Block attribute settings


big screen02

Fig. 4. Block settings